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Have you got a question for us? Take a look at our frequently asked questions to save you time.

How does Elisabeth Smith work?

Once we receive your application, we will respond within 7-10 working days. Should we want to invite your child to join the agency, you will be sent full details of the next steps. It is not our policy to meet with children before letting them join us, however we are only too happy to arrange an appointment to meet with us if you wish.

Please read the FAQ's and Join the Agency pages on our website so that you are sure your child is suitable for the industry.

Do you accept everyone who applies onto your books?

We receive over 100 new applications a week. From these we only accept 10% as we will only take onto our books children and teenagers who we believe will find work.

Does it matter where I live?

You need to live less than 1 hour's travel time from Central London.

How can I tell if I am joining a good and reputable agency?

The length of time an agency has been established is a good indication of their reliability. Obviously you would expect a better track record from an agency which has been successfully placing models in jobs for years, compared to an agency which may have only been in existence for a short time.

Ask the agency to give you some names of clients and call them to collect feedback on the agency concerned. If you visit the agency, take note of your surroundings; are the telephones ringing, for instance.

How long has Elisabeth Smith been established?

Elisabeth Smith started as a family run business which began trading in 1960. It was the first child model agency to be established in the UK and over the years, has become one of the most well known and popular agencies for babies, children, teenagers and families.

How does the agency earn?

The agency earns commission. We take between 25% - 37.5% commission on all fees depending on the type of work (excluding travel expenses).

Once my child is registered with the agency, are they guaranteed work?

No agency can absolutely guarantee you work; if they do, think about joining another agency. Please be aware that it is always the client’s decision as to the child that is chosen.

What we do guarantee is that we only take babies, children and teenagers onto our books who we feel that we can successfully place in jobs.

What happens once my child is registered with the agency?

Your child will be put forward for all suitable opportunities, based on briefs sent to us by our clients.

How can I help my child get work?

In order to maximize your child’s chances of getting work, it is really important to have up-to-date photos and measurements on the website. We ask you to send us updates every 4 months for babies, and every 6 months for the older children.

How will I know when a client is interested in my child?

As and when a client asks to meet your child for a casting or book them for a shoot, we will contact you by text or by phone immediately.

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