Elisabeth Smith - Representing children for over 50 years


"I have been with Elisabeth Smith for 10 years now since the birth of my first daughter. I have found the agency to be extremely helpful, efficient and organised in terms of their day-to-day running and both my girls have always enjoyed the work they have done and the people they have worked with. Modelling requires extreme organisation and reliability and the agency always ensures that we are well prepared for what may be expected with a job. Charlotte, is also honest and realistic as well as happy to give advice, which is very important in terms of my expectations of what modelling is all about.

I would highly recommend Elisabeth Smith to any parent considering putting their child in for modelling."

Ava Coates, Parent  


"My three children, Daniel 12, Olivia 9 and Adam 7 model with Elisabeth Smith. Daniel was signed up when he was 5 months old and we have been with the agency ever since. All three have been involved in many, many advertising campaigns. Ranging from Persil, Tixylix, Disney, Toys R Us (to name just a few) to the front cover of magazines. Amazing to walk into a newsagents and see your child gracing the covers of so many magazines on the shelves. The children have enjoyed some truly fantastic and memorable experiences and having such fun in the process."

Loretta McGee, Parent 


Fiona Gibsonn - The Observer

Frances Childs - The Telegraph